Happy Friday! There are many things that I like, but two things I appreciate in any relationship are sincerity and truth. These two things are character and relationship building components that transform basic relationships into trustworthy friendships. Today, Paul will tell us how he used sincerity in his life work of sharing the Good News. Join me as we conclude 2 Corinthians chapter 2.

17 You see, we are not like the many hucksters[a] who preach for personal profit. We preach the word of God with sincerity and with Christ’s authority, knowing that God is watching us.” 2 Corinthians 2:17 NLT

Paul continues to remind us that his role as an Apostle wasn’t to gain financial freedom, it was never for profit. Paul ministered the word of God because he was a beneficiary of God’s redeeming grace and love. Paul was used by God to strengthen the church, establish churches and lead people to freedom in Christ Jesus. Paul didn’t fall short. To this day, his letters in the Bible are still transforming lives. Paul knew the mission and he followed God’s plan even when it was difficult. Whatever Paul did was with sincerity and with Christ’s authority.

Sisters and brothers, it’s time to trust God in your relationship with Him. I’m certain God has proven himself to be sincere and truthful (trustworthy) in your life. He will never leave you or forsake you. Trust God and His plan for your life. Walk in His authority.

Father God, thank you for your grace and love. Lord, thank you for your endless mercy and faithfulness. Lord, if we searched the whole world we would not find anyone more faithful, sincere or as merciful as you. Lord, when you send us out or plant us where we are teach us to speak or preach the word of God with sincerity and Christ authority knowing you will be there guiding and watching us. Lord, teach us to be sincere in all of our dealings. Let our love for others be authentic and full of grace. Lord, give us discernment and wisdom to establish healthy boundaries. Direct our steps and lead us. Lord, many people around the world are anxious to bring this year to a close or take a break (e.g., vacation), even so, speak to our hearts with new vision and excitement for all that you desire to accomplish through us. Lord, use us in a mighty way. In Jesus name, amen.

Keep praying! Keep Trusting! Keep believing!

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