Stand Firm

Happy Thursday! Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a credible witness? Maybe as a kid your parent asked the famous question "who did this/that" and you responded "it wasn't me." If your statement was true, you probably listed eye witnesses to prove your innocence. Today, we will conclude 2 Corinthians chapter … Continue reading Stand Firm


Happy Wednesday! Have you had those days when things simply didn't go as you had planned? Your schedule is ready, but you cannot fulfill things in the timeframe that you had anticipated. Well, that is the same thing that happened to Paul. Paul had a plan, but the plan was delayed (1 Cor. 16:5-7) and … Continue reading Guaranteed


Happy Monday! Throughout the United States there will always be a term called credit. Credibility varies by numbers based on financial facts for ability to pay and trustworthiness of repayment. Credibility is also a term of being trusted or believable. 2 Corinthians chapter one continues with Paul giving his statement of credibility. Enjoy today's reading. … Continue reading Credibility

Rescue Us

Happy Friday! Sisters and brothers, sometimes we simply need to remember where our strength and help comes from. The Lord is our rock and our shield. He is our help in the time of struggles and our joy every morning. God's faithfulness is greater than anything on this earth. Join me today as we read … Continue reading Rescue Us


Happy Thursday! Have you ever had one of those days where you needed to be comforted? Maybe it was a difficult day or maybe you were experiencing some type of opposition or you were simply missing the love of a loved one, whatever it was or is don't ever forget that God is the ultimate … Continue reading Comfort