2021 Events

Please note: In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, 2021 events will be hosted online. Attendance is free. Registration is required. Unless noted otherwise send an email to to register for an event. 


Read about the things we’ve been doing. Here’s the link to our Summer 2021  newsletter.

Women’s Retreat 

2021 Womens Retreat Theme Picture

Women’s Retreat Flyer

Courageous Women of Hope (a subsidiary of Mary E. White Ministries) is hosting a virtual women’s retreat designed for women from all walks of life to provide women hope, give them inspiration to focus on their purpose, center on faith and experience time in worship.

This year’s women’s retreat theme is: Choose Joy.

The theme verse is from the book of Romans chapter 12, verse 12: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

This theme is special to us because it reflects the numerous challenges that we have endured over the past 20 months and it builds on our theme from the previous year.

Our theme last year was ‘hope’, we listened and learned to put our hope, faith and trust in the Lord, so it is only fitting that we use those tools as we Choose Joy.

This virtual event is open to all women. Registration is open, click the registration link below to secure your spot:


Schedule a four week session for your facility/organization:

  • Resume Writing

  • Interview Skills 

For more information on the reason why we have these events, read ‘Our Story‘.

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