He Went

Happy Friday! Sometimes I am blessed to have deep conversations with people that extend beyond the typical hello and how are you. Depending on the conversations I wait with bated breath to hear what would be said next. Have you ever had those type of conversations? Well today we will continue with our reading in … Continue reading He Went

The Vision

Happy Thursday! Have you ever had a dream that you tried to make since of? Do you keep a notebook next to your bed to write your dream/vision down? Yesterday, we read about the vision Peter was given, today we will continue with our reading in Acts chapter 10. Bible verse 17┬áPeter was very perplexed. … Continue reading The Vision

Three Times

Good morning! Do you recall times when you were in your youth? Do you remember being told to do something - you heard the instruction but ignored it? I was that strong-willed kid (hard-headed) at times. My mom would say something to me and I would keep doing what I wanted to do, until my … Continue reading Three Times

New Things

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! God is with us and He continues to sustain us. This week we will be reading Acts chapter 10. Chapter 10 gives insight on Jesus making unclean things clean. Enjoy today's devotion and have a wonderful day. Bible verse: "In Caesarea there lived a Roman army officer[a] named Cornelius, who was a captain … Continue reading New Things


Happy Friday! When chaos and emotions run high, we sometimes we forget miracles happen everyday. We forget about the times when God unexpectedly stepped into our situations and turned it around. Join me today as we finish our reading in Acts chapter 9. Enjoy your day and weekend - recall the times the Lord came … Continue reading Miracles