Stop Playing

Happy Wednesday! As little kids my brother and I played a lot of games. This was definitely the era of outside play, reading books, and board games. We also played business people and on occasion we would play church. Playing church was fun because we did what people did in the church, it was a … Continue reading Stop Playing

Within Us

Good morning! Last week we finished Acts chapter eighteen. Today, in chapter nineteen we will begin reading on Paul's third missionary journey. Paul was leaving Corinth and felt confident in the capability of Apollos and other believers to continue the church. Join me as we read chapter nineteen. Bible Verse: Acts 19:1-7 (NLT) "While Apollos … Continue reading Within Us

God’s Grace

Happy Friday! We made it to the end of the work week. God has shown us his faithfulness and he continues to keep us. Today we will finish Acts chapter eighteen. Enjoy today's devotion and prayer. May your day and weekend be filled with God's presence, love, and grace. Bible Verse 24 Meanwhile, a Jew named … Continue reading God’s Grace