Crystal Clear

Good evening! Last week we read about Peter and Cornelius. We read Cornelius sent for Peter to travel to Cornelius' home to share the message of Jesus. Upon Peter's arrival, it was more than Cornelius who was ready to hear the message it was a group of people sitting in the presence of Peter waiting … Continue reading Crystal Clear

He Went

Happy Friday! Sometimes I am blessed to have deep conversations with people that extend beyond the typical hello and how are you. Depending on the conversations I wait with bated breath to hear what would be said next. Have you ever had those type of conversations? Well today we will continue with our reading in … Continue reading He Went

The Vision

Happy Thursday! Have you ever had a dream that you tried to make since of? Do you keep a notebook next to your bed to write your dream/vision down? Yesterday, we read about the vision Peter was given, today we will continue with our reading in Acts chapter 10. Bible verse 17¬†Peter was very perplexed. … Continue reading The Vision