The Right Track

Happy Thursday! Have you ever played the game Follow the Leader? As a kid, in an era before high-tech video games my friends and I had to use our imagination when we played outside. Follow the Leader seemed like an easy game - just do exactly what the leader would do. But it wasn't, someone … Continue reading The Right Track

More Work

Good morning! Have you ever tried to finish a task and became so distracted by something else that you did not finish your task? Have you ever thought you were almost finished with something (e.g., reading a chapter, cleaning your house, paying off something) and then you noticed there was one more thing or a … Continue reading More Work

For Everyone

Happy Friday! Today we will continue our reading in Philippians chapter three (3) where Paul gives a warning to the church and as verse 4 prepares us for what we will read next week. Join me as we dig into the verses. Bible verse: Philippians 3:2-4 NLT "2 Watch out for those dogs, those people who … Continue reading For Everyone