Was it Fair?

Good morning! Sometimes in life we just want people to be fair and just. It is difficult at times to be the person on the side of injustice. Today, we will read more on Jesus' character. Enjoy today’s reading and your day. Bible Verse – Matthew 27:45-49 NLT45 At noon, darkness fell across the whole land … Continue reading Was it Fair?


Happy Tuesday! While reading this morning’s verses, I began to think about the difficulties of enduring criticism, being mocked even though doing good and the battle within to keep doing good. Do you every struggle with this? Well today we will pick up our reading in Matthew chapter 27. Enjoy your day. Bible Verse – … Continue reading HIS CHARACTER

A Sign

Happy Monday! Thank you for joining me today. Have you ever been in a situation where someone labeled you? Maybe it was a good label or maybe it was a painful label you couldn’t shake. Well today, we will read on a label that was given and a slight protest that occurred. I pray the … Continue reading A Sign