They Began to Accuse

Good morning! Today we will continue our reading in Acts chapter 21. If you recall, Paul had returned from his missionary journey to bring a report back to the elders of the Jerusalem church and to participate in the Festival of Pentecost. However, there had been some opposition and people spreading false rumors about Paul’s teaching.Join … Continue reading They Began to Accuse

Christ Alone

Good morning! Have you ever felt good about an accomplishment, then someone ruined your joy by saying you didn’t do it right or it could have been done different/better? At times, those comments may discourage the course you are taking. Join me as we continue our reading in Acts chapter 21 verses 20-25. Have a … Continue reading Christ Alone

Lead Us

Good morning! Paul went on with his mission traveling from city to city, stopping along the way to greet and encourage believers until he would reach his destination in Jerusalem. While knowing what was lying ahead, Paul remained faithful to the leading of the Holy Spirit. That must have been difficult – torn between what … Continue reading Lead Us