For more information on the reason why we have these events, read ‘Our Story‘.

2019 Events

We will be assisting our partner facilities and organizations throughout the holiday season. Please take time to participate and help organizations that focus on the rebuilding and renewal of women’s lives.

2020 Events

Arcadia Women’s Retreat – Spring 2020

Designed to provide opportunities for women who reside in or receive assistance from a dependent living organization to be restored and refreshed. However, all women are welcome to attend. The women’s retreat will offer women hope, build relationships, provide resources and essential hygiene items.

For additional information on this event email:


This retreat is designed specifically for volunteers and staff members of shelters, churches and dependent living facilities/organizations to be refreshed by spending time away from the things that require emotional, mental and physical energy, to be restored by using quiet time, participation in team building activities, and developing tools to feel restored, and the opportunity to be renewed spiritually along side others so that they can go out and touch the lives of women in their facilities and work environments with purpose. If you or your organization are interested in participating email:

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