The Plan

Happy Friday! This morning we are continuing our reading in Acts chapter eight. Yesterday, we read on Philip being directed by an Angel of Lord to go south, and along the way he encountered a Eunuch. In these verses we will read how God used Philip. Just remember God wants to use you too. Enjoy … Continue reading The Plan


Good morning! In prior devotions we read on the persecution of Christians that caused scattering of belivers. We also read that even though one believer (Philip) scattered, he had an obedient heart, and he spread the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the region. Join me as we continue our reading on … Continue reading Obedience

Not the End

Happy Tuesday! We spent several weeks going through Acts chapter seven. We read about God's faithfulness throughout the centuries and a few chapters before that in Acts chapters 1-6 we saw God's faithfulness to his followers at that time. This morning we are beginning in chapter 8, and within the chapter we will see heart … Continue reading Not the End