Good morning! We often plan things in our lives to go one way and sometimes it goes differently than we have planned. While the unexpected often creates disappointment or unsettling within us for a moment, we can often look back and see God’s hand in it all. Join us today as we finish Acts chapter … Continue reading Unexpectedly

A Good Ending

Happy Friday! Sometimes disputes have good endings. Sometimes the tough questions and hard conversations are necessary for each person involved and those around them. It benefits by moving some thoughts and actions from deep rooted beliefs to truth and reconciliation the way that God sees it. Join me today as we see the church address … Continue reading A Good Ending


Good morning! I know the past few months have created a level of disputes that we have not experienced before. From COVID-19 to face coverings, to social justice to meeting in churches, and many more. The greatest disappointment has been the disputes among believers. In today's verses we will read on a dispute that required … Continue reading Dispute