Settle It

Good morning! Have you ever had a disagreement? Have you ever witnessed a disagreement where you were challenged to pick a side? Well, as we continue to read Philippians chapter four (4) we will read how Apostle Paul attempted to resolve the matter. Join me as we read verses two (2) through three (3). Bible … Continue reading Settle It

Stay True

Happy Friday! This morning we will begin our review of the final chapter in the book of Philippians. Join me as we read the first verse. Enjoy your day and weekend. Bible verse - Philippians 4:1 NLT "Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters,[a]┬ástay true to the Lord. I love you and long to see you, … Continue reading Stay True

The Right Track

Happy Thursday! Have you ever played the game Follow the Leader? As a kid, in an era before high-tech video games my friends and I had to use our imagination when we played outside. Follow the Leader seemed like an easy game - just do exactly what the leader would do. But it wasn't, someone … Continue reading The Right Track

More Work

Good morning! Have you ever tried to finish a task and became so distracted by something else that you did not finish your task? Have you ever thought you were almost finished with something (e.g., reading a chapter, cleaning your house, paying off something) and then you noticed there was one more thing or a … Continue reading More Work