2022 New Year Prayer

Father God, thank you for another day and for blessing us to see a new year. Lord, we do not know what is ahead, but we know no matter what comes our way that you are with us. Lord, continue to use us and unveil your plan for our lives. Use us, your willing vessels, to make an impact on the lives around us and wherever in the world that you choose. Lord, continue to change and heal this land. Disrupt the plans of the enemy and point the world to the hope that is only found and secure in you. Lord, heal those who are sick and continue to bring forth your healing mercy. Lord, help us to love as you love. Lord, give us a willing and obedient spirit that is fully attuned to You and Your word.

Lord, we begin this year with the minimum of these promises and truths on our hearts, yet we know there are so many more:
God is the Alpha and the Omega
He chose us
He knitted us in our mother’s womb
He knows us
He is our strong tower
He is our refuge
He is our provider
He loves us with an everlasting love
He sent His one and only Son Jesus to save us
Jesus is our Savior and Lord
Jesus is the Lord of lords
Jesus is the King of kings
Jesus is the name above every name
Jesus is our hope
Jesus is the prince of peace
Jesus is our healer
Jesus is our redeemer
the Holy Spirit is our comforter
the Holy Spirit is our guide
the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf
the Holy Spirit abides within us.

Lord, we trust you with our lives and this year! Remove all anxiety and fear from within us as we walk in faith knowing You are God over all things. May Your will be done, and when things do not go according to our plan – help us to lean on You more. In Jesus name, amen.

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Bible Reference: http://biblegateway.com

Copyright ©️ 2022 Mary E. White Ministries, all rights reserved.

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