Evening Prayer

Lord, tonight we pray for sanity and peace. Lord, remove the anger, disappointment, disbelief and fear of uncertainty from our hearts. Lord, give us the courage to vote as you lead. Lord, we pray for our nation. Lord, please take the lead – You are truly our only hope for a better America. We can’t make it here without You stepping in. Lord, we don’t want to be like the Israelites not hearing, not understanding, not seeing and blind to everything. Lord, we are not asking for a king we are asking for You to lead. Lord, we know the difference from many of the truths from lies. Lord, the more truth that is exposed 😳 I fear the more deaf and blind we have become as a nation. We have set aside our moral compass and have gone to the masses. Lord, end the violence – physical, mental and verbal. Lord, help us to hear you. Lord, help us to see you. Lord, lead us…if you had to choose Lord, who would it be, why would it be? Lord, we are voting with you in mind. Lead us and remind us to love as you love. In Jesus name, Amen.

Copyright 2020 Mary E. White Ministries, all rights reserved.

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