Good morning! Today we will continue our reading in Acts chapter 21. If you recall, Paul had returned from his missionary journey to bring a report back to the elders of the Jerusalem church and to participate in the Festival of Pentecost. However, there had been some opposition and people spreading false rumors about Paul's teaching. … Continue reading Barriers

He Arrived

Good morning! We are halfway through the workweek. Have you ever been on a trip and you were able to accomplish more than you expected to? Myself, I like agendas so that I can do everything on the list, whereas other times I travel with people who just go with - what's next. Both options … Continue reading He Arrived

Finish The Work

Happy Wednesday! Today is Veterans day in America. Many people use this day to honor veterans across the United States military branches. Many veterans served with honor, integrity, compassion, and for the right for our nation to be free. We may not know all the reasons why someone served, but we are grateful for their … Continue reading Finish The Work