Jesus Is All We Need

Devotion written by Dora Lozano.

Jesus said to her, “You don’t have to wait any longer, the Anointed One is here speaking with you – I am the one you’re looking for.”  John 4:26 (TPT)

I spent a large part of my life looking for something to fill the emptiness in my heart.  I pursued what I identified as the “perfect life” and I was gravely disappointed in the results of my quest. I had to take my eyes off the “idols” that I had created in my life to recognize that Jesus is the one that I had been looking for all the time.  Christ is the only one who could gently perform open heart surgery on a lifetime of hurts and disappointments. Jesus empowered me to see beyond and remove myself from an unhealthy relationship and showed me the truth about how valuable I really am. I trust Jesus, He is all I need.

What are you looking for? What are you filling your heart with? Invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you and reveal the heavenly treasure that awaits you.  Then take action to invite the Holy Spirit to help you see beyond and change your future. 

Prayer:  Lord, Jesus help me to see beyond the external realities of my life. Help me to focus on you and what I can do to implement change in my life to become my best for you.  Amen.

Guest Contributor Bio: Dora Lozano is a faithful follower of Christ living out her faith daily. Dora is the mother of two amazing children. The eldest is in their junior year at university. The youngest is in their sophomore year of high school. Dora has spent thirty years working in the California Community College system. Currently, Dora is an academic counselor for foster youth and homeless youth at a community college in Southern California. Dora’s personal mission statement is to “Love God, Do Good and Serve, Teach and Encourage Others”. Dora lives out her mission through her work and in her faith community where she serves on the usher team. Dora enjoys spending time with her children and her sweet puppy dog. As a family they enjoy being loud and silly, listening to a wide variety of music, taking road trips, making popcorn and watching movies. Dora is honored to be a guest contributor on the devotional for Mary E. White Ministries.

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