Our Stronghold

Good morning! Where will you put your trust?

“9 The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.
10 And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.” Psalm 9:9-10 NLT

Google dictionary describes a stronghold as: a place that has been fortified so as to protect it against attack.

Let me share a quick story about my kids. For several years we lived in home that was built before 1950. We made several home improvements and each contractor said this is a sturdy – well-built home. A few years later we moved to a home that was two years old. Within months we realized it wasn’t as sturdy as the home before, but we loved it.

One Saturday morning, I was sweeping the stairs, because it is was easier than carrying a vacuum step by step. On this particular day, I swung the broom too hard and it cracked the wooden slate on the banister rail in half. Yes, in half. In disbelief and horror, I picked up the broken wood and began to examine that cheap piece of material. To my dismay, I realized it had been broken before. You may be asking, how did you know? Well, it was the white-out and dried up glue. I put the wood back in place and yes, I could see where one of the kids had made an attempt to fix it with glue and use white-out to match the paint. 😆

Of course, my first response as I yelled from the top of the stairs – was, who did this? One kid quickly said “it wasn’t me”. The other two began to tell the story that one broke it and the other was trying to help cover it up to keep their sibling out of trouble. While no one was punished, I often laugh at the period of time it took me to notice the wood slate was broken, their teamwork to fix the problem and the realization that while the house is new it is not as sturdy as an older home.

Why did I share this story? Because I want you to understand the Lord is our stronghold. He’s not a temporary fix until we are found out or find something better. He is it! The Alpha and the Omega.  He is our greatest protection and nothing can break through His hold.

The Lord is our stronghold and our protector in times of trouble. And while life is difficult and we can’t understand the heart aches we endure, we know a God who loves us, who will come to our rescue, who will heal us with a permanent healing and restore us better than new. He will not forsake those who seek him.

Are you tired of temporary fixes? Will you allow the Lord to be your stronghold today? Will you allow him to protect you? Will you trust him with your life and let him put you back together – better than new?

Father God, we thank you for being our stronghold – our protector. Lord, without you we would be lost in this dark world. Lord, thank you for opening our eyes so that we can put our hope and our trust in you. As we continue to seek you, Lord equip us with discernment and wisdom to follow you and obey your commands. Keep us in the crest of your hands and teach us your ways. Change us Lord! In Jesus name, amen!

Keep seeking God’s truth! Keep trusting God’s word! Keep praying!

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Bible Reference: New Living Translation (NLT) www.biblegateway.com

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