He Began

Happy Monday! Last week, we read Acts 13:13-15, which leads us to today’s verses where Paul is about to speak a word of encouragement to those who were in the synagogue. Join me as we spend the next few days reading what Paul stated. Enjoy today’s devotion and your day.

Bible Verse – Acts 13:16-20

16 So Paul stood, lifted his hand to quiet them, and started speaking. “Men of Israel,” he said, “and you God-fearing Gentiles, listen to me. 17 “The God of this nation of Israel chose our ancestors and made them multiply and grow strong during their stay in Egypt. Then with a powerful arm he led them out of their slavery. 18 He put up with them through forty years of wandering in the wilderness. 19 Then he destroyed seven nations in Canaan and gave their land to Israel as an inheritance. 20 All this took about 450 years.”


  • The room was filled with both Jews and God- fearing Gentiles.
  • Paul covered critical points in scripture from Exodus with the oppression/slavery of 400 years, the wondering through the wilderness for 40 years and a 10 year period under the leadership of Joshua – defeating the 7 nations in Canaan.

I always enjoy reading the Old Testament and how it forces us to remember God’s faithfulness even when we are unfaithful or fearful. More specifically, Paul pointed out in verse 18 – “He (God) put up with them through forty years of wandering in the wilderness.”

Sisters and brothers, we all have had various upbringings and trials in our lives. If we look carefully back in our past and for some of us today, we can see God’s faithfulness in our lives and circumstances. If we are honest, just like the Israelites there were certainly times when God put up with us too.

Questions to ponder:

  • What areas in your life has God been faithful? ______________
  • What is God trying to do for you, but you keep wondering through the desert? ______
  • What army/giant (e.g., fear, insecurity, etc.) do you need to overcome in order to step into your God-given purpose? __________


Father God, we thank you for your faithfulness. Lord God, we thank you for your covenant promises that you swore to yourself. Lord God, you have been so good to us even when we have not been good to ourselves or you. Lord God, you graciously sent your son Jesus for us – to save us. Lord God, thank you. Lord God, forgive us for the times when we have been selfish and unwilling to listen to your guidance. Lord God, clear out our ears to hear you and give us an obedient heart to follow your instructions. Lord, we don’t want to wander aimlessly, we want to walk with purpose – in our God-given purpose. Lead us Lord, take our hand and direct our steps. Lord God, will you answer the prayers of the widows? Will you answer the prayers of those who are suffering? Will you answer the prayers of the parents praying for their children’s safety and salvation? Lord, heal those who are battling the various forms of cancer. Heal those who are sick. Lord, may Your will be done in our lives. In Jesus name, amen.


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Bible Referencehttp://www.biblegateway.com

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