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Happy Thursday!Praise God for another day. This morning we will continue our reading in Acts chapter eight. In these verses we will see God continue to reveal himself as faithful. Trust His plan. Have a wonderful day.

Bible Verse – Acts 8:14-17 NLT

14 When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that the people of Samaria had accepted God’s message, they sent Peter and John there. 15 As soon as they arrived, they prayed for these new believers to receive the Holy Spirit. 16 The Holy Spirit had not yet come upon any of them, for they had only been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. 17 Then Peter and John laid their hands upon these believers, and they received the Holy Spirit.”

Key points:

• God used a man (Philip) who was not an apostle, but who was well respected and full of the Spirit and wisdom to share His (God’s) message.

• People (non Jews) heard the message and believed.

• Peter and John the apostles who preached the Good News in Jerusalem, who were part of selecting Stephen and Philip to help with the food program (Acts 6:2-6), heard of the new believers in Samaria.

• The Holy Spirit came upon the new believers after Peter and John laid their hands upon them.


Sisters and brothers, God allowed the apostles to see the new believers that had been converted. God used the apostles to lay hands on the people to receive the Holy Spirit. The power of Holy Spirit was revealed and active among them. God could have given the new believers the Holy Spirit at the moment of faith, but in this case He had a greater plan.

Inspite of being scattered because of persecution, Philip continued to minister the Good News of Jesus Christ wherever he went. In these verses we know:

• God was with Philip.

• That the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ was spreading throughout the region.

• Lives were being changed. Strongholds (e.g., demonic, fear, etc.) were being broken.

• The apostles were encouraged.

Sisters and brothers, God is on the move. Many will plot against Him and His children but none will prevail. God is with us and He will not leave or forsake us. Keep doing what God has called you to do. Stay focused. His plan is greater.


Father God thank you for your saving grace. Thank you for sending the message of salvation to the Jews and to the non Jews. Thank you for giving the apostles and believers wisdom and insight not to be silenced because of fear, but instead to be bold in Your power – sharing the Good News of Jesus every where they went. Lord, forgive us for the times when we failed to share the gospel truth or point others to you. Lord you are our only hope. Help us to remain anchored in you. Continue to show us that you are working things out for our good. Lord, touch our nation. Heal the wounds of the broken, lost, forgotten, orphaned and abused – make them whole. Touch the sight of the blind and the ears of the deaf so that they may see and hear from You. Heal those who are sick. Lord, lead us in the midst of uncertainty in this world. Lord, equip us with your wisdom, fill us with Your Holy Spirit and continue to send us out to set captives free in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.


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