An Open Door

Good morning! Have you ever been in a situation where you know God is calling you to do something but you become so preoccupied with the worries of your heart that you can’t focus and eventually lose sight of what God directed? Today, Paul shares with us a similar situation that he experienced. Join me as we continue reading 2 Corinthians chapter 2.

12 When I came to the city of Troas to preach the Good News of Christ, the Lord opened a door of opportunity for me. 13 But I had no peace of mind because my dear brother Titus hadn’t yet arrived with a report from you. So I said good-bye and went on to Macedonia to find him.” – 2 Corinthians 2:12-13 NLT

In these verses we read, the Lord opened a door for Paul to preach the Good News of Christ in the city of Troas (a Roman colony), where he also planned to meet up with Titus. Paul’s concern for Titus was valid because bandits, etc., were known to be encountered along the way. While Paul moved on without sharing, God remained faithful and kept that door open upon Paul’s return through the region (Acts 20:5-11).

Sisters and brothers, it was refreshing to read how Paul also struggled with keeping a peace of mind. Yet, Paul did not lose hope or get too far of track. In the verses that we will read tomorrow through 2 Corinthians chapter 7, we will read how Paul regained his peace of mind. So if you struggle with keeping a peace of mind, stay tuned the words in these chapters are going to strengthen us in a mighty way, especially as we learn Paul’s competence in ministry is derived from God.

Sisters and brothers, no matter what you are struggling with or concerned about, God wants to give you His peace.

  • What has you distracted from God’s plan or open door for you? ___________
  • Are you willing to stop and pray to be strengthen and planted on a firm unshakable foundation? _______ If so, let’s pray.

Father God, thank you for unexpected examples of some of your greatest warriors and their struggles. Lord, even in their human examples we learn how to rely on you when we can’t see what is going on. Lord, we give our desires and control over to you. Lord, we know that you know how you plan to expand your kingdom and your territory. Lord, in knowing that we trust that any door of opportunity that we walked away from will not be void. Lord, we know that you will keep doors open, while shutting doors that we should not walk through. Lord, we know that you will re-route us to your intended plan. However, Lord don’t let us stray away for long or out of fear. Lord, give us discernment to hear from you and follow your will/instructions. Lord, whenever the time is right give us boldness to speak about you, to give the lost, least and last the Good News. Additionally, Father all night and throughout this morning victims of kidnapping, rape, molestation and human trafficking have been heavy on my heart. Lord, today we come to you with God sized prayers, in the name of Jesus to end this war on women, children (boys, girls & infants) and men. Lord, you know how to answer this prayer. Lord, you know what needs to be done in our country and across the world to end this war. Lord, return the victims back to their families (those who love them) and help them to heal from the terrible tragedies that they had to endure. Lord, give the victims and their families peace of mind and the resources that they need to overcome PTSD and other painful memories. Lord, we are your vessels and tools give us discernment to stand in the gap to combat this war. Lord, expose and bring to justice those who are involved in these crimes. Lord, above all things, we trust your justice to be sufficient. Keep us faith to your call and your plan for our lives. In Jesus name, amen.

Keep praying! Keep Trusting! Keep believing!

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