We Might Have Hope

Good morning! While I am traveling, I asked a dear friend to write a couple of devotions for the website. I’ve known Dora Lozano (see Bio below) for 17+ years, and I pray you enjoy today’s and tomorrow’s devotion readings.

“For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the
endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.” – Romans 15:4 (NIV)

The Bible is the greatest non-fiction title that tells stories about giants of faith to remind us of what God did in the lives of His people. These stories are an encouragement to our fidelity. Your life, and mine, are walking testaments of our belief. What story does your life tell? Are you easily distracted and disappointed? Do you speak life into everyone? Is your light shining or is it dim?

Even as I write this devotion, I am convicted. As followers of Christ, we have been given a great gift: a love so great that Jesus gave His life so that we could live without guilt, shame, and regret. Why wouldn’t we proclaim this gift and share it with everyone around us!?! The reality is that we don’t HAVE to… we get to CHOOSE to live our lives in faith. If we practice this choice,our lives will proclaim the goodness of God, and people will be drawn to us because of what they see in us.

Let’s not allow the enemy to gain ground by complaining, disrespecting our bosses/coworkers, or getting mad. People are watching you:be mindful. Allow your hope and foundation in Christ to be an encouragement in a world void of hope. Choose to be an example; choose faith.
Lord, remind us of the great and powerful things you have done in our lives! Let these stories be our testimony. Draw people to us so that we can share what you have done for us. Let our actions demonstrate our hope in you. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Photo credit: Dora Lozano

Devotion written by: Dora Lozano

Dora Lozano is a faithful follower of Christ living out her faith daily. Dora is divorced and the mother of two amazing children. The eldest is in their second year of college and the youngest is in their first year of high school. Dora has spent twenty-nine years working in the California Community College system. Currently, Dora is an academic counselor for foster youth and homeless youth at a community college in Southern California. Dora’s personal mission statement is to “Love God, Do Good and Serve Others”. Dora lives out her mission through her work and in her faith community where she serves on the usher team. Dora enjoys spending time with her children and her sweet puppy dog. As a family they enjoy being loud and silly, listening to Korean pop music, taking road trips, making popcorn and watching movies. Dora is honored to be a guest contributor on the devotional for Mary E. White Ministries. 

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