Random – Eye Opening Moments

While writing a few essays this weekend, I had to find the inner strength to write on a subject that I have put off for three months. It was a very difficult assignment that focused on loneliness and creating a place of solitude. Given the past year (death of my mom and murder of my niece), you may understand my hesitation but after a lot of procrastination, introspect and prayer last night I began to write. Although I’m not finished, this morning I read an article that gave me the framework to finish my assignments. It simply ended with this…“The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” – Job 1:21

This is a great reminder that the Lord is in absolutely control of our lives and circumstances. Nothing happens without his knowledge and in his power he can do all things which include restoration and healing. May you find time to retreat to places of solitude (away from chaos) where you can surrender your thoughts, so that the Lord may heal and restore you.

May the name of the Lord be praised. Have a good morning everyone.

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