Good or Bad Advice

Good morning! Today we will finish up our reading in Acts chapter 27. It ends just as the angel of the Lord said it would in verses 22-26. Join me as we finish our final verses.

Bible Verse – Acts 27:39-44 (NLT)

39 When morning dawned, they didn’t recognize the coastline, but they saw a bay with a beach and wondered if they could get to shore by running the ship aground. 40 So they cut off the anchors and left them in the sea. Then they lowered the rudders, raised the foresail, and headed toward shore. 41 But they hit a shoal and ran the ship aground too soon. The bow of the ship stuck fast, while the stern was repeatedly smashed by the force of the waves and began to break apart.

42 The soldiers wanted to kill the prisoners to make sure they didn’t swim ashore and escape. 43 But the commanding officer wanted to spare Paul, so he didn’t let them carry out their plan. Then he ordered all who could swim to jump overboard first and make for land. 44 The others held on to planks or debris from the broken ship.[g] So everyone escaped safely to shore.”


While Paul lead the men through the night with the reassurance that God was with them, day break allowed the soldiers to see with their own eyes. Not only did they see with their own eyes they sought to act in their own way.

Key Points:

  • The soldiers saw land and planned to make it a shore.
  • The soldiers were fearful the the prisoners would escape so they contemplating killing them. Traditionally, soldiers would be killed if their prisoner escaped.
  • Praise God for allowing the commanding officer to see the situation differently. It saved Paul’s life and the lives of the other prisoners.

Have you ever had someone give you advice? Was it good advice, bad advice or both?

Sisters and brothers, when we see things through the world’s eyes we have limited vision, but when we see things through God’s eyes we can trust the unseen. When you receive advice from others make sure you pass that advice by the Lord. Allow the Lord to help you make the right decision.

What decisions are you tasked with making today or in the next few weeks? Will you allow the Lord to help you and give you discernment with those decisions?


Father God thank you for sending your son Jesus Christ to save us. Thank you for the forgiveness of sins and reconciliation. Lord, forgive us of our sins (known and unknown). Lord, strengthen us and give us wisdom in the decisions we make today and in the future. Lord, there has been so much turmoil in the land and anxiety. Lord, we are asking that you continue to work on our hearts and in our minds to align our decisions and opinions with yours. Lord, we know you see things before we do. Lord, we trust you to guide us and give us sound advice and wisdom to do what you desire of us in love. Lord, continue to protect Your children. Bring about truth and justice as you lead our nation’s leaders. Lord, direct them and led them through their tasks today. Lord, be with us all as we trust you and Your plan. In Jesus name, amen.


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