It Gives Light

Happy Monday! When it is dark outside, I like to look out over the valley to see the lights from a far in the various cities. It is an amazing sight to simply see light in the dark. I wonder what the world would look like if every Christian were a bright light in the city. Enjoy today’s reading. Have a wonderful day.

129 Your laws are wonderful.
    No wonder I obey them!
130 The teaching of your word gives light,
    so even the simple can understand.
131 I pant with expectation,
    longing for your commands.
132 Come and show me your mercy,
    as you do for all who love your name.
133 Guide my steps by your word,
    so I will not be overcome by evil.
134 Ransom me from the oppression of evil people; then I can obey your commandments.
135 Look upon me with love;
    teach me your decrees.
136 Rivers of tears gush from my eyes
    because people disobey your instructions.” Psalm 119:129-136 NLT

The Psalmist was pressured by evil people, but he strived and prayed to be faithful to the Lord’s commands. Sometimes as the Psalmist did, we need to pray for the Lord to come and show mercy, and to guide our steps so that we will not be overcome by evil.

His Word Gives Light

As you meditate on God’s word (the Bible) and the prompting of the Holy Spirit, will you be a light in the world? Will you be a light in your home to your spouse and/or children? Will you be a light when you leave your home today?

Father God, thank you for today. Thank you for your grace and mercy. Lord, thank for protecting us from our enemies and for your light. Lord, help us to surrender our will to yours. Help us to love your commands and lay hold of your promises in your word. Lord, give us boldness like light in the dark to live our lives to honor and obey you. Lord, touch us today and penetrate our hearts with your word, love and faithful instructions to guide us. Touch our mouths so that your kindness and discerning wisdom flows from it. Lord, touch our ears so that we may hear you clearly, and so that we will stand firm and believe your truth over lies from the enemy. Lord, be our source today – fill us with your light. Change us. In Jesus name, amen.

Keep seeking! Keep trusting! Keep praying!

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