Jealousy Did Not Stop Them

Good morning!  In the earlier verses of Acts chapter five, we learned that the church was united and everyone was committed to the call to share the gospel message. People were selling homes, etc. At one point a believer and his wife died for lies they told to God and His people (v.1-11). We also read, the apostles continued to preach in the name of Jesus, which resulted in more people believing and more people being healed (v.12-16). Today we will continue our reading in Acts chapter five verses 17-21a.

Bible Verse – Acts 5:17-21a

17 The high priest and his officials, who were Sadducees, were filled with jealousy. 18 They arrested the apostles and put them in the public jail. 19 But an angel of the Lord came at night, opened the gates of the jail, and brought them out. Then he told them, 20 “Go to the Temple and give the people this message of life!”

21 So at daybreak the apostles entered the Temple, as they were told, and immediately began teaching.”

The high priest and Sadducces were jealous, which is not a fruit of the Spirit. The Sadducces failed to recognize what God was doing amongst the people and through the apostles. In their jealous rage the Sadducces had the apostles (not just Peter & John this time) arrested for speaking in the name of Jesus – which was the name that healed all the people who were being brought to them, who were being tormented by evil spirits and were ill.

But God, sent an angel of the Lord to release them from jail. As a result the message of life was proclaimed.

Sisters and brothers even when the odds are against the church, there is always a but God moment. Today, even in the midst of the things happening in our nation and abroad, the cries for justice, unity, healing and reconciliation I know there is a but God moment coming, I believe it is already here.

God is on the move, keep praying bold prayers.Keep sharing the message of life.Ask God to keep changing hearts.

Father God in the name of Jesus we are praying for a “but” God moment. We are praying that even when the odds are against Your believers, that You will come through and ensure Your work is done. Lord equip us with your mighty power and word to understand the times that we are in and what you desire for us to do as believers. Lord give us wisdom and understanding to profess your name, to speak truth in love, and begin to change. Lord may our actions of love and compassion for our fellow brother and sister in the faith and those who are nonbelievers speak louder than the lies and destruction of the enemy. Focus our hearts and minds on the issues at hand. Lord get us to a place in our hearts where you will hear from us and heal our land. Lord continue to point out to us the wickedness that we need to turn away from in order for you to hear us and heal our land. Father you know our hearts, the anger it holds, and the jealousy and lies that fill it. Break our hearts for what breaks Yours. Change our hearts, heal us, and use us to share the message of life. Tame our tongues. Rescue those who have been held against their will. Continue to help our cities, communities, and nation address the mental health issues, homeless, and trafficking problems. Heal those who are ill, those recovering from surgery and/or addiction. In Jesus name, amen.


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