Good morning! There will be days when we will face obstacles and opposition against the things God has called us to or for simple attempts to do the right thing. In those moments, we may be encouraged by someone or find the courage to encourage ourselves. Today in 2 Corinthians chapter seven, we will read how God encouraged Paul.

When we arrived in Macedonia, there was no rest for us. We faced conflict from every direction, with battles on the outside and fear on the inside. But God, who encourages those who are discouraged, encouraged us by the arrival of Titus. His presence was a joy, but so was the news he brought of the encouragement he received from you. When he told us how much you long to see me, and how sorry you are for what happened, and how loyal you are to me, I was filled with joy!” – 2 Corinthians 7:5-7 NLT

There are a few items I want to point out in our reading today.

  • Paul faced conflict on every side.
  • Paul experienced battles on the outside.
  • Paul experienced fear on the inside.
  • God encourages the discouraged.
  • God will use others to encourage us.

Paul didn’t minister to regions/churches because it was easy. Paul encountered death threats, abuse and more, but he didn’t give up hope. Paul stayed the course and God blessed him by sending Titus to encourage him with a message from the Corinthian church.

Sisters and brothers, there will be days when we need to be encouraged. While a friend or loved one may not be available to encourage you/us, God will. Allow God to be God in your life, and let Him encourage you. In 1 Samuel 30:6, David was in the midst of his calling, but found himself in a situation where he and his men had their wives, and children taken from them. But toward the end of the verse it reads “but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God” (KJV). Through that encouragement/strengthen in the Lord, David sought direction from the Lord and God turned that situation around.

Whatever you are going through, stay encouraged, seek God for direction, and trust God will turn things around for you.

Father God, thank you for another day where we can find encouragement in you. Father, you are our rock, our shield and our fortress – equip us with all that we need to continue to pursue the things that you have called us to. Lord God, You know every detail of our lives. You alone know the intricate details of our thoughts and fears. Lord, strengthen and encourage us. Lord, help us to trust you even when things don’t work out as we had planned. Lord, in the midst of our discouragement/disappointment remind us often of who we are in Christ. Lord, don’t let us lose hope or give up. Lead and transform us daily, each day more equipped and able than the day before. In Jesus name, amen.

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Bible Reference: http://biblegateway.com

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