Happy Tuesday! Instructions are good for things we have never attempted before. Sometimes we open up a box with many parts and we follow the instructions verbatim. In the end you can have a beautiful product or a wobbly mess. It all depends on the manufacturer instructions, if all the pieces are in the box and if the pre-cut holes and parts are accurately aligned. Today we are going to read instructions. Enjoy today’s devotion. 

“5 Jesus sent out the twelve apostles with these instructions: “Don’t go to the Gentiles or the Samaritans, but only to the people of Israel—God’s lost sheep. Go and announce to them that the Kingdom of Heaven is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!” – Matthew 10:5-8 NLT

Jesus’ instructions were clear. He gave direction to first go to his covenant people – Israel (his lost sheep) to tell them their King is here. The disciples had a difficult task, but they went in pairs, in the power and strength of the Lord. 

As we will read later, the disciples didn’t take the instructions and say, i don’t need instructions I can do it on my own. The disciples had the perfect manufacturer and he gave them each part that they would need to share the gospel message with His lost sheep. 

Today, the Lord is calling us to minister to his lost sheep around the world. It may not be in the form of walking from town to town, but it can be through conversation, prayer, or community work. He equips us with the word of God (instructions) to speak and share with his sheep.

Will you? ______

Will you tell them the truth about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior? __________

Father God, there is no one like you. Lord thank you for loving us unconditionally. Lord, thank you for forgiveness and hope. Lord, lead and strengthen us to share the gospel message with the world. Open our mouths and help us to speak boldly about Christ. Lord, equip and empower us to live our life for you and minister to the lost. Lord, strengthen our faith and relationship with you. Continue to change and transform us into who you called us to be. In Jesus name, amen. 

Keep praying. Keep believing. Keep trusting.

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