On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

Good Morning! “So prepare your minds for action and exercise self-control. Put all your hope in the gracious salvation that will come to you when Jesus Christ is revealed to the world.” 1 Peter 1:13 NLT

What does a mind of action look like? It looks like an individual who is focused in the midst of chaos. What does self-control look like? It looks like an individual who has the ability to say and do what they want, but decides to listen to the leading of the holy spirit to do and say what is truth in love and in alignment with the Lord and his timing.

Have you seen an athlete at the beginning of a race (e.g., swimming, track) they are not focused on the crowd, but on the sound that tells them to get up and run or jump into the water. Both athletes (swimmer/runner) must get ready to move quickly, stay in their lane and not look back.

Are you ready? Stay focused! Listen for the Lord – he’s calling you to start the race. Get in and stay in the lane the Lord has you in. Don’t look back! The reward is too great.

Keep praying! Keep seeking! Keep trusting!

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