What’s Next

Good morning! Have you ever worked on a project? Maybe the project had multiple challenges and after awhile everything came together with great results. Were you able to sit back and enjoy it or were you on to the next task/project? Today in Acts chapter 13 we will begin to read about the next task. … Continue reading What’s Next

Only One

Good morning! The one thing that I love to do is cheer at the top of my lungs for my favorite team. Regardless of the sport, if I am excited about the team you will hear me shout for joy. Sometimes, I am a fan of the team and other times I am only a … Continue reading Only One

It Was True

Good morning! Have you ever heard someone say something that was unbelievable? I’m sure you have. Whether it’s on television or through another person we often find ourselves checking sources before we believe it or the person saying it. Today we will continue our reading in Acts chapter twelve. Join me. Bible Verse – Acts … Continue reading It Was True