Good morning! Have you been in a situation where you heard something and then you had a strong urge to speak on or respond to what was said? There are times when we hold our tongue and then there are times when we've had enough, so under our best behavior we speak truth in love.😊❤ … Continue reading Speak

Focus On Him

Happy Wednesday! Sometimes fear can keep us from experiencing good and bad things. The problem with fear is it tends to keep us from good things that God is calling or has called us to do. Fear unchecked will make us miss opportunities to step out the boat onto the water or keep us from … Continue reading Focus On Him


Good morning! Have you ever noticed that our eyes and mind seem to quickly focus on shinny things? There are times when shinny things are too bright to look at and other times they are so mesmering that we can't turn away or forget them. Today we will discuss a light that shines in darkness. … Continue reading Shine

New Way

Happy Friday! This week has been a week of new beginnings. Some beginnings began with loss, others began with hope and for some it is expectancy of what is to come. For the Christian the new way of life is found in Christ Jesus. In 2 Corinthians chapter four Paul goes on to explain that … Continue reading New Way