Stay Committed

Good morning! Today we continue our reading in Acts chapter eight. In our reading we will find two men on a mission, but only one mission will prevail. Join me as we continue our reading. Enjoy your day and your weekend. Also, don't forget to sign-up for the women's retreat. Bible verse: "9 A man named … Continue reading Stay Committed

Not the End

Happy Tuesday! We spent several weeks going through Acts chapter seven. We read about God's faithfulness throughout the centuries and a few chapters before that in Acts chapters 1-6 we saw God's faithfulness to his followers at that time. This morning we are beginning in chapter 8, and within the chapter we will see heart … Continue reading Not the End

Main Point

Happy Friday! We have come to the end of Stephen's sermon to the Jewish High Council/leaders in Acts chapter seven. Stephen filled with the Holy Spirit is closing up his message with a question and reflection time. Join me as we read, Stephen's final words to the council. Enjoy your day and weekend. 51 “You stubborn … Continue reading Main Point