Good morning! This week I do not have a specific book of the Bible to review but I want to spend time pondering over the words in Psalm 25. Each line in those verses are rich with the truth of who the Lord is. Join me today as we review verses one through four. Bible … Continue reading Trust


Good morning! This week we will finish our reading in the book of Colossians. More specifically, we will read Apostle Paul's final instructions and greeting to the believers in Colosse, which are found in Colossians chapter four verses seven through eighteen. Goodbyes are different for everyone, but Apostle Paul said more than just goodbye at … Continue reading Amend


Good morning! On Tuesday we read about Apostles Paul's call for the believers in Colosse to devote themselves to prayer with an alert mind and thankful heart. Today, we will continue our reading in Colossians chapter four, but before we began I have a few questions for you? Have you ever been drawn into a … Continue reading Gracious