He Is On The Move

Good morning! Thank you for joining me today. Last Thursday, we finished chapter seventeen with Paul speaking in Athens and with a few people including a member of the council becoming believers. Today we will begin our reading in Act chapter eighteen. Enjoy today's devotion and your weekend. Bible verse "Then Paul left Athens and … Continue reading He Is On The Move

He is Faithful

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday, we read Acts 13:13-15, which leads us to today's verses where Paul is about to speak a word of encouragement to those who were in the synagogue. Join me as we spend the next few days reading what Paul stated. Enjoy today's devotion and your day. Bible verse "16┬áSo Paul stood, lifted … Continue reading He is Faithful

Crystal Clear

Good evening! Last week we read about Peter and Cornelius. We read Cornelius sent for Peter to travel to Cornelius' home to share the message of Jesus. Upon Peter's arrival, it was more than Cornelius who was ready to hear the message it was a group of people sitting in the presence of Peter waiting … Continue reading Crystal Clear

It Was Impossible

Good morning! Yesterday, we read about Peter coming into his purpose. Today, we begin with Peter preaching the word. In these verses, Peter is filled with the Holy Spirit and he shares the undeniable facts of Jesus' resurrection and ascension with the people who are gathered around. Join me as we continue our reading in … Continue reading It Was Impossible

No More Regret

Good morning! Have you ever done something that seemed like a good idea at the time, then later have regrets? Maybe it was eating that piece of cake or box of cookies. Maybe it was something else that was a bit more trivial. While I am certain we can all come up with something, today … Continue reading No More Regret