Happy Friday! Have you been in a situation where you had to reassess a group of people that you hungout with or let come into your circle of influence? Some people have good intentions, others do not, and others are still trying to recover from their own struggles/wounds. We all have a mix of friends … Continue reading Reassess


Good morning! In prior devotions we read on the persecution of Christians that caused scattering of belivers. We also read that even though one believer (Philip) scattered, he had an obedient heart, and he spread the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the region. Join me as we continue our reading on … Continue reading Obedience

Main Point

Happy Friday! We have come to the end of Stephen's sermon to the Jewish High Council/leaders in Acts chapter seven. Stephen filled with the Holy Spirit is closing up his message with a question and reflection time. Join me as we read, Stephen's final words to the council. Enjoy your day and weekend. 51 “You stubborn … Continue reading Main Point