Good morning! This week I do not have a specific book of the Bible to review but I want to spend time pondering over the words in Psalm 25. Each line in those verses are rich with the truth of who the Lord is. Join me today as we review verses one through four. Bible … Continue reading Trust

Hear and See

Happy Monday! Today's devotion concludes our reading and review of the book of Acts. As I wrote earlier, the book or this chapter doesn't end as I expected, but God in His faithfulness ensured Apostle Paul's safety and allowed Paul to preach in Rome. Join me as we finish the final verses in Acts chapter … Continue reading Hear and See

Magic Eraser

Happy Friday! I think about times when I wish I could erase a comment, a past behavior or be forgiven for unintended consequences. Are there times in your life when you wished there was a magic eraser that you could apply to parts of your life? Join me today as we continue our reading in … Continue reading Magic Eraser

The No. 3

Good morning! Have you ever been on a trip that seemed to last forever? Maybe it was suppose to be a quick trip but it ended up taking a day or longer than anticipated. Maybe the trip wasn't extended but the circumstances around the trip made the time nearly unbearable? Today, we will continue our … Continue reading The No. 3