He Is On The Move

Good morning! Thank you for joining me today. Last Thursday, we finished chapter seventeen with Paul speaking in Athens and with a few people including a member of the council becoming believers. Today we will begin our reading in Act chapter eighteen. Enjoy today's devotion and your weekend. Bible verse "Then Paul left Athens and … Continue reading He Is On The Move

Take the Shot

Good morning! If you haven't noticed by the title of today's devotion, I have been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. I've been pondering over the many opportunities Alexander Hamilton was given and the many shots he took (some good and some bad). Today, we will continue our reading in Acts 17 where Paul was given … Continue reading Take the Shot


Good morning! Sometimes the hardest thing to do is wait. We don't like waiting in line. We don't like waiting on our high speed internet connections. However, there are times when we are called to wait. Join me as we continue our reading in Acts 9, where we will read about Saul's waiting. Enjoy today's … Continue reading Waiting

The Letter Begins

Happy Monday! Prior to email and text messaging, I would receive letters from my grandmother and various friends in the mail. The joy of receiving letters from people who cared filled my heart with gratitude and emotion. I was always anxious to read about their latest adventures, family news updates, and thoughts around the current … Continue reading The Letter Begins