Good morning! In life we find ourselves growing in knowledge, height, weight and more. There are so many ways to learn, add height, gain/lose weight, and change. Today, Apostle Paul will share with the Thessalonian believers that they bring him great joy, but there is still room to grow. Join me as we finish 1 … Continue reading Grow


Happy Friday! Have you ever had the urge to visit a location or experience a certain meal because it came highly recommended by someone? Then the more you heard about an event or a restaurant you became convinced that you had to experience it for yourself and without delay? Yesterday, we read on the Philippian … Continue reading Echo


Good morning! Have you ever wanted to imitate somebody? Maybe you wanted to imitate their style, the manner they carried themselves or their faith. Today, as we continue our reading in 1 Thessalonians we will read how the believers imitated Christ. Bible verse: 1 Thessalonians 1:4-7 NLT "4 We know, dear brothers and sisters,[b] that God loves … Continue reading Imitators