Live in Peace

Good morning! I know yesterday had its own worries. While voting day in America is over, I want to encourage you in the faith today that no matter what God still rules and reigns. So again, I am deviating from Acts 20 to provide encouragement in this season. Join me as we read from Colossians … Continue reading Live in Peace

For Yourself

Good morning! Have you been in a situation where someone was telling you something, but you weren't sure it was the truth? Have you heard something, but you wanted to find out for yourself? Today we will continue our reading in Acts chapter seventeen. Join us as we begin to read about the Bereans. Have … Continue reading For Yourself

The Next Task

Good morning! Have you ever worked on a project? Maybe the project had multiple challenges and after awhile everything came together with great results. Were you able to sit back and enjoy it or were you on to the next task/project? Today in Acts chapter 13 we will begin to read about the next task. … Continue reading The Next Task