The Vision

Happy Thursday! Have you ever had a dream that you tried to make since of? Do you keep a notebook next to your bed to write your dream/vision down? Yesterday, we read about the vision Peter was given, today we will continue with our reading in Acts chapter 10. Bible verse 17 Peter was very perplexed. … Continue reading The Vision

Pick Up the Mat

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday, we read about Saul moving on to Tarsus. Also, over the past weeks we have reviewed how the believers were scattered and as a result the church continued to grow. Join us on the journey as we read Acts 9:32-35. Bible verse "32 Meanwhile, Peter traveled from place to place, and he came … Continue reading Pick Up the Mat

Keep Going

Good morning! Have you noticed that sometimes you can be doing everything right, but still receive resistance from people who don't understand what God has called you to do? Well don't worry, today we will continue our reading in Acts 9:26-27 with Saul trying to do the right thing. Enjoy today's reading and prayer. Bible … Continue reading Keep Going


Good morning! Have you every prayed for your circumstances to change? Maybe in school you prayed a test would be cancelled. Maybe you prayed for plans or people to change. Today, we will read how God disrupted plans. Join me as we continue in Acts chapter nine. Enjoy your day and this devotion. Bible verse: … Continue reading Disrupted