Was it Worth $3,000?

Happy Wednesday! Have you ever purchased something and later had buyer’s remorse. You know that one thing that you had to have and then later you looked at it and said to yourself, it wasn’t worth the price or why did I buy this? Yesterday, we read on Judas’ remorse for selling out Jesus to the leading priests and elders. He was so distraught by his part in the plot against Jesus that he threw out the coins and took his own life. Today, we will pickup in Matthew 27 and learn what happened to the coins.

“6 The leading priests picked up the coins. “It wouldn’t be right to put this money in the Temple treasury,” they said, “since it was payment for murder.” After some discussion they finally decided to buy the potter’s field, and they made it into a cemetery for foreigners. That is why the field is still called the Field of Blood. This fulfilled the prophecy of Jeremiah that says, “They took the thirty pieces of silver— the price at which he was valued by the people of Israel, 10 and purchased the potter’s field, as the Lord directed.[Zech 11:12-13; Jer 32:6-9]” – Matthew 27:6-10 NLT

It amazes me that the leading priests were so concerned about putting the money in the Temple treasury, but wasn’t concerned about distributing the coins to Judas to help them arrest and frame, gather false witnesses and condemn Jesus to death. Yet with a “clear conscience” they bought a field – a cemetery to bury foreigners (they tried to make it right).

In actuality Judas was robbed, because Jesus’ life was far more valuable than $3,000 (today’s value of the coins). Brothers and sisters your life is more valuable than $3,000. Jesus allowed the leading priests and elders to take him, because our lives, our salvation was worth so much more to him. We are precious in the sight of the Lord – no one knows our value more than the Lord. He loves us unconditionally and He has a plan and a purpose for our lives. Will you trust His plan and purpose for yours?

Father God, we thank you for securing our lives for eternity through your son Jesus Christ. God no one knew exactly how the plan would play out, but through your prophets (major and minor) in the Old Testament you foretold the plan. Lord, from the beginning you had us in mind and we thank you for the love you have poured upon us. Lord, thank you for the grace we don’t deserve but that you see fit for us. Lord, forgive us for turning away from you and for searching for our own path. Lord, help us to keep you and your precepts first. Lord, change our hearts to be further aligned with your will and not our own. Lord, remove bitter roots that have suppressed our growth in you. Lord, equip us daily for the battle ahead, strengthen our faith and help us to boldly testify of your mercy and grace in our lives. Transform us Lord, to be more like you. In Jesus name, amen.

Keep seeking! Keep trusting! Keep praying!

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Bible Referencehttp://www.biblegateway.com

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